Who is the most popular disney princess of all times?

They inspire and captivate us with their feminine allure, gracious beauty, and daring boldness. Their powerful roles as women make us want to follow our hearts and never stop dreaming, and their fascinating stories teach us the importance of courage, self-confidence, patience, and love. They are Disney princesses and we patiently await every new release so we can learn the catchy songs to yet another wonderfully crafted tale.

Even though there is something to love about each Disney princess, we all have our favorites: the one princess we relate to the most that we wouldn’t mind swapping lives with for a day.

So do you think you know which of the Disney princesses is the most popular? Could it be your favorite Disney princess?  We have compiled a list based on the number of followers each one of the Disney princesses has on their official Facebook pages. Check this list out to see which of the Disney princesses have the most popularity in this franchise!

13. Moana - 2.2 million fans

Although our beloved Moana comes in last on this list, there is no denying the adoration and praise the spunky Polynesian princess received when debuted to the world in 2016. While Moans stole hearts around the globe with her endearing character, the.  strong-willed princess searched the seas for a heart of her own that had been stolen by the demigod Maui. Moana is the youngest of all of the princesses so she has a lot of time to rank in popularity and climb to the top of this list.  We wish you luck Moana!

12. Belle - 2.5 million fans

This French beauty is a favorite in the Disney princess franchise because of her tenacious and loving spirit. She teaches us forgiveness and goodness by falling in love with the Beast in the tale as old as time. The popular live-action film of her story beat box office records for a PG movie and put her back in the limelight for most loved princess!

11. Aurora - 3.1 million fans

Aurora is the star of the film Sleeping Beauty, based on the classic fairytale involving a sleeping enchantment, a beautiful princess, and a handsome prince. Her story was the first of the Disney princess  line to be re-done into a live action film and fans across the world fell in love with her all over again. She is 11th on the list because she makes us believe in the innocence of human nature and in finding true love.

10. Pocahontas - 6.1 Million fans

This renaissance princess defies her Native-American tribe in the spirit of empathy and compassion for all humankind. She inspires us to live a life accepting of all and conscientious of our environment! She takes the 10th spot on the list because of her commitment to justice and because honestly, we were all envious of her sleek brown hair and the fact that she could talk to animals

9. Mulan - 6.7 Million fans

Mulan is the warrior princess we all aspired to be while we watched her kick some Hun butt in her fascinating defiance against gender norms. She triumphantly navigates her way through a male dominated world and brings honor and pride to her Chinese family in the process. Her unique character, strength, and badassness lands her at the number 9 spot on this Disney princess list.

8. Tiana - 7 Million fans

Tiana is the first American and black princess and remains a favorite among Disney princesses, taking the 8th spot on our most loved princess list. Her wild adventure is set in New Orleans in the 1920’s, making her one of the more modern princesses of the franchise. Her rags to riches story is what we all secretly aspire for our own lives; however, just because her prince charming was a frog doesn’t mean you should go around kissing them to find yours!

7. Snow White - 7.2 Million fans

The first and youngest of the official Disney princesses to melt our hearts is the quiet and effervescent Snow White. Since the 1930’s, countless renditions of her story have made their way into entertainment, making it impossible to forget the fare beauty. Her renowned and admired story of being awaken by her true loves kiss puts her 7th on this list.

6. Jasmine - 7.7 Million fans

We all wish our princess gowns looked like that of Princess Jasmine’s. This Sultana appears in the film Aladdin and is the first non-white princess in the Disney princess chain. Her beauty and grace lands her the 6th spot on this list as she makes us swoon over her genuine lovingly character.

5. Merida - 8.6 Million fans

This bold, blue-eyed, redheaded, princess is a force to be reckoned with in her story Brave.  She is the first princess to lack romantic interest and steers Disney down a path where finding your prince charming isn’t what being a princess is all about. Her defiant role makes us feel brave and puts her in the top 5 of most loved Disney princesses.

4. Ariel - 9.5 Million fans

Ariel’s story in the Little Mermaid is another classic tale in the Disney princess renaissance era. The daughter of King Triton is the first Disney princess to not be born as a human. She leaves her tail and her voice behind in the sea to seek her true love on land! The catchy songs, interesting storyline, and her desire to follow her dreams put her at the 4th spot on this list!

3. Cinderella - 15.1 Million fans     

Probably the most famous princess among all generations is the endearing and enchanting Cinderella. She is the second Disney princess to enthrall us with her rise to royalty with her pure heart and self-less soul. She made her prince charming crazy for her and made fans even crazier, placing her 3rd on the most loved Disney princess list.

2. Rapunzel - 17.9 Million fans  

This strong-willed princess fights her way back to her family’s home using her most threatening weapon: A frying pan. Her long golden locks can only make one envious as she glides through the screen with such elegance and poise. Her uplifting story and loving personality puts her in second place on this list!

And now, the drum roll please for the most loved princess is:

1. Anna & Elsa - 24.8 Million fans

The top spot for the most loved princess is actually 2 princesses: sister rulers Princess Anna and Queen Elsa. These two royal sweethearts took the world by storm and continue to provoke obsession and excitement among their fans. Disney changes up the cliché endings of Disney princess movies and show us that the love between family members is the strongest one we have. The personal journeys these two sisters go on inspire us to be true to ourselves and trust in our capabilities to make our dreams come true. This, and their crazy adventure is why these star princesses take the top spot on our most loved princess list!

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